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    Hi! The full update can be seen on my PledgeMusic page HERE.

    Update: "Plays Well With Others" is not happening at the moment. I’m holding off on my 20+ song opus of collaborations for a number of reasons, the main one being that 20 feels like too many in this day and age of short attention spans, and the second one being that my recent single “Serious Love” (cowritten and produced by Ian Keaggy) got such a nice response that Ian and I figured we should write another song and release a cohesive, beautiful collection on a 4-song EP called the SERIOUS LOVE EP.

    I’d like this to be a very special release, so I’m going to use the funds we’ve raised thus far to press up limited edition vinyl (which will come with a digital download card so you can have the songs in your digital music library) and to hire someone to help with radio and publicity.

    If you should choose the vinyl option, you can find it below for only $24.99 plus shipping and handling.

    I will not be pressing up CDs of the SERIOUS LOVE EP, so if you already pre-ordered the signed CD, you will receive vinyl instead. If you want to cancel or amend your order go to:, Click: “Contact Us About This Order” under Anya’s project, Write to the customer service team and ask them to Please upgrade your order to vinyl instead of CD OR "Please cancel my order for the CD”—up to you. Either way, I will NOT be pressing up CDs for this EP. You will be given 3 weeks to update your orders before being automatically refunded.

    If you opted for the $14.99 digital pass, you don’t need to do anything. You will receive the SERIOUS LOVE EP as a digital download as well as a video of SERIOUS LOVE (the single), a download of my 2016 release PAPER PLANE, and a personalized postcard with original art and a single.

    Thanks again for supporting me through this entire process! I’m sorry about the switch, but I’m confident this release will be a perfect little gem to add to my collection. I hope you like it, too!