(all lyrics by anya marina unless otherwise specified)

    GIMME RESURRECTION (anya marina / eric hutchinson)

    gimme resurrection gimme restraint ’cause I've been gunning it to get there and then running away / gimme good intentions, even the score cmon and gimme lotsa lip and let me hear you roar / oh oh oh / gimme resurrection, don’t disappear, no I don't need another yes man, show me some fear / gimme some elation gimme a ride we'll be like people on vacation every day of our lives / oh oh oh / all of this time I was taking a stand with something so fine in the palm of my hand / don't wanna mess around… lord knows I’ve messed around / don't wanna mess up, don’t wanna mess up, now that I can see it there's no way I'm gonna give it up / gimme resurrection, gimme a chance 

    come on and spin me like a record make me want to dance / I'll get you back, something right, I'll make you sing it out your window every night / it goes oh oh oh...

    ORDINARY DUDE (anya marina / eric hutchinson) 

    there's a man pacing outside in the thick of a fight, thinking tonight is the night –alright. He throws caution to the sky. This is his life. What’s it gonna be: fight or fly? Oh the road is tried and true /running from the rules now you're asking me if I approve. you know i do I love you too you know I do / you’re not some formula that I set out to prove / you’re on my side, you’re not uptight, I can’t lose / you’re not some ordinary ordinary ordinary dude / oh, let me try oh, to survive it, survive it / oh the road's a lonely land / living all I can / now you're asking me to understand // are you gonna make me proud? are you gonna stick around? ‘cause I’ve given everything to make me normal / and who do you think you are, knowing I've come this far? I'm not giving up until I live it up. oh the road divides ahead / stick together or we're dead / now you're asking if I have regrets. 


    wake up, face the day, nobody ever belongs / sometimes takes time just to leave it alone / stand out, try to be, I never get it too wrong / hard times, thinking what you’re fixin to do / my mama said it was all gonna work out in the wash, don't you fret or mope / so just laugh when you're already lost, move, move along the road / my mama said it, my mama said it, I do believe that it’s true / if it’s all gonna work out in the wash, then I’m cleaning up this mess, I think I’m starting with you! playing on the safe side, maybe you’re his main side, aint no telling how to know so honey don’t go rocking the boat / you don’t see the downside with kicking on the south side / that way no one ever sees the secrets you been trying to keep / so tired of hiding out, but who do you want to be? so if your trepidation outweighs your fight and if the consequences weigh down your mind, I let the feeling change me from inside / hold on tight / [chorus] / my mama said it was alright, it was alright. I think I’m starting with you.


    heard about you for awhile, never saw a show / used to play you on college radio / now we're face to face / friend of a friend / got a hundred reasons why this shouldn't happen / you got a hundred reasons why this shouldn't be and not a single one of them has a thing to do with me, so just shut up, shut up shut up shut up—kiss me like you mean it / “I’m a man. I’m a man with a plan. that's me in the broken window,” he said, “don't you understand?” / weren't even sure it was me when I walked in the room / careful son it's gonna get real hot soon and I been, I’ve been trying to fight this fight right here by swimming upstream I couldn't tell you where I’m going, couldn't show you where I been so just shut up, shut up shut up shut up / kiss me like you mean it / so what if we just stop pretending, stop making believe? what if true love only comes when you're playing for keeps? so just shut up / kiss me like you mean it / do you know the value of this? can you assess it? and if you could would you even know how to invest it? I know a thing about a thing or two / I know I gotta keep a couple things safe from you / if i folded my heart into a pretty paper plane and flew it cross the Hudson would it come back again? would it get crumpled up? would it get caught up in a crosswind in the sea or would it fly back to me? shut up. kiss me like you mean it. 


    tell me all your fantasies I’ll bring them all to life, I’ll be your freak between the sheets / I was such a dirty bird, I always knew the drill / a lottery, a mockery / is this love? Is this love? I remember everything before we switched to gin but after that it goes all black / you said you had someone else but nothing really sure / we make the bed, we lie in it / is this love? Is this love? They say that everything you'll ever need to know you learn right from the start / now that we're finished you know it's time to go / hard to say we didn't see it coming from afar / see, we wrote the ending just as soon as we began, we make the bed, we lie in it / love was such a dirty word it never passed your lips, but I can't speak, cause honestly I’m just as bad / is this love? is this love? is this love? love’s such a dirty word I’ll never change


    I cannot touch that thing, it is not mine / I do not take I do not take no matter how it shines / I cannot take that thing, it isn't free / I’ll think a thought but growing it'll grow into a tree / I cannot touch that thing, it is not mine / I do not take I do not take no matter how you shine / I cannot take a gift that isn't true / I love myself, I love myself too much to love you / I hear you creeping in the shadows at night in the shadows at night  is it true? I hear you creeping right outside of my door and I'm starting to wonder about you / can’t stop, I can’t sleep through the night / your ghost keeps knocking on my door, but i’m tired (so tired) and I keep keeping it right above board, so leave me alone / there’s only so much I can take so if you’re gonna, do it now

    SOMETHING SWEET (anya marina / leo sidran)

    I don't wanna get swept away, I don't wanna get pulled inside, I don’t wanna be led astray, just another heart taken by the tide / I don't wanna get lost at sea, I’ve taken that trip before / things always start casually, next thing you see is a closing door / always wanted something I could be sure of / I could feel the ground right under my feet / here comes something new right over my shoulder, I can hear you whispering something to me, something sweet . . . / I don't wanna get hypnotized, I don't wanna get drunk on you, I don't want your pale blue eyes when I’m trying my best not to be seduced / [chorus] / something sweet comes once in awhile the question is can you recognize it? I’m all for having a ball and dropping my disguises / I’m falling with both eyes open wide [chorus] / I don't wanna get swept away, I don't wanna get pulled inside

    POWER OF LOVE (huey lewis / john victor colla / christopher john hayes)

    the power of love is a curious thing / make a one man weep, make another man sing / change a hawk to a little white dove / more than a feeling that's the power of love / tougher than diamonds, rich like cream / stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream / make a bad one good, make a wrong one right / power of love will keep you home at night / it don’t take money, it don't take fame / don't need no credit card to ride this train / it's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes, but it just might save your life / that's the power of love, power of love. first time you feel it, it might make you sad, next time you feel it it might make you mad, but you'll be glad baby when you've found, that's the power makes the world go 'round / it don't take money and it don't take fame / don't need no credit card to ride this train, it's strong and it's sudden it can be cruel sometimes but it might just save your life / they say that all in love is fair yeah but you don’t care and you’ll know what to do when it gets hold of you and with a little help from above, you feel the power of love, power of love (can you feel it?) it don't take money and it don't take fame, don't need no credit card to ride this train, tougher than diamonds, stronger than steel, you won’t feel nothin till you feel. feel the power of love . . . 

    CANDY 1

    it's like eating candy when we talk so how can I resist you? candy but I’m full. the memory of the pain begins to fade just as soon as you call. I’m not picking up, I’m not picking up, I’m not picking up, I’m just saying goodbye. it's like eating candy when I'm full every time I see you, candy but I’m full / how can I resist you when the pain's just as sweet as the fix?  I’m not picking up, I’m not picking up, I’m not picking up, I’m just saying goodbye. 


    so be a cold rain or be a fire escape, I’ll never give your heart a break, never gonna make demands / so be a snowflake or be a heavyweight, I’m gonna love you anyway, any which way I can / I want you here I want you here / so be a black box or be an aeroplane, never let you lose your way, even with the worst laid plans / so be a firefly or be a runaway, never lead your heard astray never gonna close my hands / I want you here… I’ll be the sonar and you’ll be the sound / can’t run away cause I don’t touch the ground, won’t lose the sun cause we’ll always be found—love surrounds / so be a songbird or be a renegade, I’ll always give your heart a stage, never gonna tune you out / so be a long wait or be a steady date, gonna love you anyway, any which way i can / I want you here…

    WE WERE HAPPY ONCE (lyrics: anya marina + bess rogers)

    sometimes I play a game to see if I still love you / pretend we never met and I know nothing of you / when looking at your face would I still see the promise and would you still choose me? come on now let's be honest / it takes a dark and lonely sky to see the brightest shining light you can't deny / we were happy we were happy we were happy once / not long ago…not so long ago / today I caught a glimpse of you around the corner / I saw something I'd forgotten and I loved you more than ever / it takes a dark and hopeless night to see the starlight in your eyes / I can't deny we were happy once…


    we'll have a drink, we'll have a dance, we'll fall in love in New York and then later we'll marry in France / and then we'll promise the moon and the stars we'll stay together like Venus and Mars / we'll have some kids, we'll get it right, we'll have a wonderful magical beautiful storybook life / and when we fight, I’ll pat your head and I’ll say, “Darling let's just let it go" and we'll make off to bed and I will love you for all that you are and you'll protect me with all of your heart / you'll let me win, you'll say i'm right / oh what a wonderful, magical, beautiful storybook life / but oh it gets cold in the chill of the winter and oh have you noticed the days getting thinner? when all's forgot and all you've got is time and the moon on your side, just go to bed, turn out the lights / you'll have a wonderful magical beautiful storybook life


    A couple years ago I went on one of the most incredible trips of my life--a songwriting retreat in Tulúm, Mexico (thank you, Michele Clark and Tristan Prettyman and everyone at Sunset Sessions. Wow). Suffice it to say, it was eerily magical. We basically lived in these tiny tent / hotel "rooms" with one candle lighting our way, no outside interference, no phones, TVs, and no wifi. The only company we 20 or so songwriters had were our guitars, the on-site yoga teacher (cue: world's tiniest violin) and about 75 newly hatched sea turtles trying to make their way into the Caribbean at night! Incredible.

    Anyway, on Day 2 or 3 I finally got the nerve up to ask Alex Cuba if he wanted to write a song together. I had been witnessing him playing and singing to himself, beatboxing his own signature weirdo-samba / bossanova beats--a human Casio--and writing a soon-to-be hit with Tristan ("Perfect Storm"). I was envious! I wanted my own Alex Cuba co-write!! Everything that came out of this guy's mouth and guitar sounded like a song I wanted to hear over and over again. He was full of these little perfect melodic masterpieces--they were just pouring out of him. He would play one idea and then move on to the next--it seemed like he was just making them up as he stared out at the ocean. So, I said, "Hey, play me that idea again," and I started to sing along...."underneath the stars / all the world is ours..."

    Over the next hour or so we hammered it out--the melody, the verses, the lyrics. The waves rolled in and out about a thousand times as I hunched over my notebook, scribbling lyrics, and Alex kept repeating these gorgeous latin jazz chords. Slowly the song was taking shape--I had a dozen voice memos saved in my iPhone the next morning to prove it (I've learned from my mistakes). I loved what I heard.

    Over the next few months, we came up with a final version. Then Alex came up with a Spanish translation! It was unbelievable--it made sense lyrically and it was poetic and lovely AND it matched the spirit of the English version. How did he do that? (I don't know. I guess that's why he wins Grammys). For months we thought about it--should we give the song to someone else? A famous Latin popstar? Should we try to get the English version to someone here in the States? Should I do it on my album? In English or Spanish? Or both?

    Then after a couple weeks, Alex said he decided to have Leo Sidran produce his next album (I was thrilled--I had just worked with Leo on a song). He followed that good news with the fact that he wanted me to sing it with him--as a duet--in Spanish and in English. Brilliant! This was a perfect resolution to our now-year long struggle with the fate of this little gem of a song.

    In any case, the final product turned out beautifully. It's haunting and elegant and heavy enough to capture the depth of what we were hoping for, but light and whimsical enough to give you a hint of the sun and the wind and the carefree time we all had in Tulúm. I hope when you come to the end of this, you go buy Alex Cuba's album HEALER--it's fantastic--and tell us what you think of the song "No Esperes Más." We hope you like listening to it as much as we loved making it!

    BTW, if you're in NYC April 16-18, I'll be singing with Alex @ Subrosa NYC.