A couple years ago I went on one of the most incredible trips of my life--a songwriting retreat in Tulúm, Mexico (thank you, Michele Clark and Tristan Prettyman and everyone at Sunset Sessions. Wow). Suffice it to say, it was eerily magical. We basically lived in these tiny tent / hotel "rooms" with one candle lighting our way, no outside interference, no phones, TVs, and no wifi. The only company we 20 or so songwriters had were our guitars, the on-site yoga teacher (cue: world's tiniest violin) and about 75 newly hatched sea turtles trying to make their way into the Caribbean at night! Incredible.

    Anyway, on Day 2 or 3 I finally got the nerve up to ask Alex Cuba if he wanted to write a song together. I had been witnessing him playing and singing to himself, beatboxing his own signature weirdo-samba / bossanova beats--a human Casio--and writing a soon-to-be hit with Tristan ("Perfect Storm"). I was envious! I wanted my own Alex Cuba co-write!! Everything that came out of this guy's mouth and guitar sounded like a song I wanted to hear over and over again. He was full of these little perfect melodic masterpieces--they were just pouring out of him. He would play one idea and then move on to the next--it seemed like he was just making them up as he stared out at the ocean. So, I said, "Hey, play me that idea again," and I started to sing along...."underneath the stars / all the world is ours..."

    Over the next hour or so we hammered it out--the melody, the verses, the lyrics. The waves rolled in and out about a thousand times as I hunched over my notebook, scribbling lyrics, and Alex kept repeating these gorgeous latin jazz chords. Slowly the song was taking shape--I had a dozen voice memos saved in my iPhone the next morning to prove it (I've learned from my mistakes). I loved what I heard.

    Over the next few months, we came up with a final version. Then Alex came up with a Spanish translation! It was unbelievable--it made sense lyrically and it was poetic and lovely AND it matched the spirit of the English version. How did he do that? (I don't know. I guess that's why he wins Grammys). For months we thought about it--should we give the song to someone else? A famous Latin popstar? Should we try to get the English version to someone here in the States? Should I do it on my album? In English or Spanish? Or both?

    Then after a couple weeks, Alex said he decided to have Leo Sidran produce his next album (I was thrilled--I had just worked with Leo on a song). He followed that good news with the fact that he wanted me to sing it with him--as a duet--in Spanish and in English. Brilliant! This was a perfect resolution to our now-year long struggle with the fate of this little gem of a song.

    In any case, the final product turned out beautifully. It's haunting and elegant and heavy enough to capture the depth of what we were hoping for, but light and whimsical enough to give you a hint of the sun and the wind and the carefree time we all had in Tulúm. I hope when you come to the end of this, you go buy Alex Cuba's album HEALER--it's fantastic--and tell us what you think of the song "No Esperes Más." We hope you like listening to it as much as we loved making it!

    BTW, if you're in NYC April 16-18, I'll be singing with Alex @ Subrosa NYC. 



  • "WATCH OUT!" - new song feat. on MOB WIVES (VH1)

    So, I enjoy a little reality television from time to time. One of my unlikely favorites turned out to be VH1's Mob Wives, beloved not only for its outlandish plot arcs (Drita's husband Lee goes to jail, then fathers a child, then returns back home with nary a repercussion?!), but also for its upbeat, soulful, hand-clappy, sexy score. I can't tell you how many songs I impulsively Shazam'ed and then purchased while watching the show (thanks to VH1's music supervisor team of Jennifer Stilson and Paul Logan and Isaac Ayers). One day while watching the show I decided to challenge myself to write a song worthy of the show and out came the beginnings of "Watch Out!" (eventually finished and polished up to a gorgeous smasheroo courtesy of Brian Kierulf). We recorded this in Brian's studio (just across the Hudson from my apartment)--closer to the actual Mob Wives than I--and had fun taking on the role of a woman with the chutzpah, brass, and moxie of said Wives. Imagine my delight and surprise when I found out the show would use the song on an upcoming episode--thrilling! Tune into VH1 on Feb 11th to hear the song and go to your friendly neighborhood digital retailer to buy it now (iTunes, Amazon, bandcamp, etc). 



    WATCH OUT! on AMAZON (soon!)

  • NEW SONG: "Apple of My Eye"

    Last year I got together with my friend, writer and singer/songwriter Bess Rogers, to work on an idea I had about parents, children, god-parents, aunts, uncles, etc. I don't have children, but I have a few children in my life I treasure. I was thinking about my then 6-year old goddaughter Stella and how much I loved her and wanted to write a song for her. Since I've never been a parent, my closest form of unconditional love has been for my little sister, my family, my friends' and my cousins' children. I thought about how my dad always calls me "Sweetie Pie" at the end of every call ("OK, Sweetie Pie. Talk to you later") and how Father's Day was coming up and I wished I had a song for him, too. So, those are the seeds of "Apple of My Eye." By the end of a few cups of tea, Bess and I had our song...and so did Stella and my Pops.

    I've been lucky in this funny career of mine to have my songs featured in scenes and places I find really cool or interesting or in this place, funny and sweet. Check out the new ad for Canada's WIND Mobile, featuring "Apple of My Eye":



    I would be remiss if I didn't add that these lovely sounds wouldn't exist were it not for producer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Kuffner (production, Omnichord, bass, shaker), Bess Rogers (guitar, background vox, Elliot Jacobson (drums + percussion), and Kenny Warren (horns).

    "Apple of My Eye" is now available HERE and will soon (ie in a few days) be up on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rdio, and all other digital outlets WORLDWIDE. (thanks to Parker Fitzgerald for the photo and Kelly Harland for the design).

    Thank you.

    I hope you and your favorite kiddos like it.



  • NOV 2014 - NY show, podcast, album news!

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    I have so much more to tell you but I'll save it for the show Dec 13th @ Union Hall. Treat yourself and come. It's a good time. If you don't live in NY, just ask your parents for money for a flight to NY, and they'll totally give it to you, and then you can come. Or get a job. Why don't you have a job??!